London Skyline 9ct Gold Ring

London Skyline 9ct Gold Ring

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Featuring the iconic skyline of London, this stunning 9ct gold ring makes an incredible keepsake for anyone with special memories of the city.

Based on a photo or traced from a map, Hannah will craft the gold into two interlocking parts.The skyline is polished and the buildings are matt, finished with exceptional care,  craftsmanship and the option to add a sparkling diamond. 

This is a unique and beautiful London skyline ring to mark a love affair with your favourite city.

  • 9ct gold ring in interlocking parts

  • Cut to reflect your chosen skyline

  • Option to add a diamond

  • Handmade in Scotland

  • Made from 100% recycled gold as standard

Dimensions: Choose from 6mm or 8mm wide. Please see our Ordering Terms & Conditions to help with ordering the correct ring size. 

Delivery: All items are made to order. Please see delivery information for current delivery times

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