Rolled Wave Labradorite Silver Necklace 

Rolled Wave Labradorite Silver Necklace 


The perfect accessory for free spirits and beach-lovers, this pretty labradorite silver necklace conjures up the romance and power of the ocean. 

Combining silver, hand-rolled waves and labradorite or iolite beads, the necklace is a unique and contemporary way to express a love for the wild outdoors. 

Beads in onyx, garnet, rose quarts or green amethyst can be used instead of labradorite - please just ask Hannah for further information. 

Dimensions: Rolled wave approx. 8mm wide x 5mm deep. Hangs from an 17 inch silver chain with handmade T-bar style fixing. 

Delivery: all items are bespoke and made to order. Please see delivery information for current delivery time.

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