Custom Coastline Platinum Ring

Custom Coastline Platinum Ring

from 1,850.00

Intricately cut in precious white metal, this stunning platinum ring reflects a stretch of coastline that holds special significance for you. 

With a wonderful weight and matt and polished finishes, the ring interlocks in two separate parts to make a truly bespoke piece of jewellery. 

Perfect as a platinum wedding ring or anniversary gift, this is a timeless piece that can be set with a tiny diamond to mark a special place or location. 

  • Custom platinum ring with optional diamond

  • Cut to reflect any coastline that you choose

  • Contrast matt and polish finishes

  • Made in Scotland

  • 100% recycled platinum

Ring width: 6mm or 8mm wide. Please ask if you would like the diamond set at a particular place along the coastline. Please see terms & conditions to help with ordering the right size.

Delivery: all rings are made to order. Please see my delivery information for current delivery times.

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