Coastline Contemporary Diamond Pendant Necklace

Coastline Contemporary Diamond Pendant Necklace


This stunning diamond pendant necklace tells part of your own personal story, immortalising a stretch of coastline that’s significant to you.

Mixing contemporary design with finest craftsmanship, the hand-pierced pendant is carefully made from sterling silver. It features a sparkling diamond, set at a particular point along the coastal stretch, marking a place that you choose. 

Whether you want to remember where you first fell in love, or celebrate your home or birthplace, this is a unique and beautiful way to tell the story. 

Dimensions: Pendant measures approximately 3cm x 2cm. Hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver chain with handmade T-bar fixing. 

Delivery: all items are bespoke and made to order. Please see delivery information for current delivery time.

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